The Players

Mr. Rain’s Fun House opened at The American Visionary Art Museum in November of 2009 serving contemporary American cuisine created by Chef Bill Buszinski and hand crafted cocktails by Perez Klebahn.

 E a t

The season sensitive menu incorporates influences from a myriad of cultures that make up America today.  Utilizing the highest quality of local produce and meats whenever possible, the menu is available for lunch, brunch and dinner.

 D r i n k

The progressive beverage program highlights hand crafted cocktails, artisanal wines and small batch beers aimed to compliment the seasonal menu.

S e e

The Fun House offers an aesthetic unique to any other dining venue in Baltimore, capturing inspiration from The American Visionary Art Museum and beyond.


Bill Buszinski

William Buszinski, Chef / Proprietor

Growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania and helping his family farm 200 acres, Chef Buszinski learned the benefits of small family farming from an early age.  The experience taught him not only to respect where our food comes from but also how vital a role the source plays on the final product.

When Bill met his soon-to-be-wife in 1999, they started talking about how they could combine their passions for food, wine, and art.  The result was the Sputnik Café.

Self-trained, Bill honed his culinary skills over the 8 years at the Sputnik Café, developing a style of cooking that utilizes high quality ingredients and culturally diverse flavors while remaining vigilant of the traditional and historical practices surrounding his inspirations.

Maria Buszinski

Maria Buszinski, Art Design / Proprietor

Maria Buszinski, a 1st generation Filipino-American, grew up in Maryland with a strong concept of the celebratory and communal nature of food – a truth found in most Filipino households.

At the Sputnik Café, heavily influenced by Maria’s sense of style and whimsy, a unique and recognizable aesthetic was formed, embracing artwork and design unlike anything Annapolis has then or since matched.

Maria brings her enthusiasm for food, art and culture to the new enterprise with the mission of developing a space that seamlessly blends the values of the AVAM and her ideals of art, culture and tradition.

Perez Klebahn

Perez Klebahn, Beverage Director / Proprietor

Living in New York City, Perez Klebahn was absorbed into the kinetic world of the restaurant industry.

Since he has built a solid resume of experience, producing recognizable bar menus for critically acclaimed restaurants and managed award winning wine lists.

He has written for several publications (under RK Gella) discussing wine, spirits, food, art, leisure and lifestyle.

He has lent his services to stellar restaurants and bars in New York City including Suba, Boqueria, Centovini, I Trulli and Apotheke.

Classically trained through the American Sommelier Association, he has been mentored by some of the best palates in New York City, including Roger Kugler, Andrew Bell and Nicola Marzovilla.

Believing the study of wine is endless, he continues to seek out the best wines of the world, learning and examining each wine one glass at a time.